Case Studies

Case Study – LYNX Building

Project Summary:

  • Installer: Glass Protection Services, Inc.
  • Type of Film: 8 mil Silver 40 (RS 440) (wet glaze attachment)
  • Installation Date: March, 2010
  • Installation Time: 2 months
  • Window Area Covered: 15,000 ft²
  • Payback Period: 2 years


The LYNX Operations Center (LOC) building, an iconic building built in 2007, was designed with dark blue tinted windows, yet J. Marsh McLawhorn, Chief Government Affairs Officer, used to say, “It gets so hot on some days during the summer that I have to leave at about 3:30 pm. They can’t get my office below 82° F, no matter how much air they divert from other parts of the building.” This, along with glare issues from the hot Florida sun, rising energy costs and the location’s vulnerability to hurricanes were opportunities for improvement. LYNX turned to Madico® for a solution.


LYNX was seeking the installation of a clear film, but after consulting with Madico® and Glass Protection Services, Inc., they realized they could receive more benefits with Madico’s 8 mil Silver 40 (RS 440) film. This film is a high performance safety film that provides energy control, heat reduction, carbon emission reduction, glare reduction, storm mitigation, and increased productivity from improved comfort levels. To realize all of these benefits, LYNX called on Glass Protection Services, Inc. who has been improving homes and commercial buildings in the state of Florida for the past 23 years. The local business installed the Safety Silver 40 film – which boasts a 57% total solar energy rejection statistic while transmitting 42% visible light. The 8mil thick design and wet glaze attachment system will help contain flying glass shards should the windows shatter under the load of a blast or high wind storm. Prior to installation, Madico® added additional value by helping LYNX prepare the submittals required for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding.


From January to July of 2010, LYNX has saved in excess of 155,000 kwh compared to the prior year. At this rate, the film will result in a 2 ½ year payback with a projected reduction in CO2 emissions of 300,000 lbs per year. The LYNX building occupants are protected against glass shards from natural and man-made disasters. Also, occupant comfort has been increased significantly. J. Marsh McLawhorn said, “Since the day they installed my film, I’ve been able to leave my blinds open, use the natural light and enjoy the view.” In May of 2010, Scott Meeks, the Supervisor of Facility Maintenance of LYNX LOC said, “By this time last year I would have had at least 20 complaints about heat. This year to date, zero!”

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